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    Brand: Zendo

    Zendo SELECT SIL LIGHT BODY, LILAC, FAST SET 2 cartridges of 50 ml, 6 mixing tips + 6 mixing canula

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    Select Sil Light Body is a strong hydrophilic correction impression material for the (two step) double impression technique in conjunction with Select Sil Firm Putty.

    It is a low viscosity precision impression material based on addition curing vinyl silicone delivered in Automix-cartridges. It can be extruded directly onto the teeth or the tray.

    Excellent shade matching with a large choice of shades and translucencies, benchmark high gloss polishablity and 200% digital radiopacity.

    It provides optimal working time with a shorter intra oral setting time. It is extremely tough - our snap set technology allows for removal of the set material with no tearing and superior dimensional stability to ensure accurate, high definition impressions.

    It comes in a convenient cartridge system with 2 cartridges of 50 mL each and 6 mixing tips + 6 mixing canula.

    Handling instructions:

    • Mount the cartridge into the application gun. Remove and dispose the closure-cap. Install the mixing cannula onto the cartridge and extrude needed material. For direct extruding onto teeth use the intra oral tips. The fast set takes 2 minutes to set.


    • Made in Germany by a manufacturer whose products you know and trust
    • Snap Set Technology: shorter intra oral setting time with longer working time
    • Superior hydrophilicity and reproduction of details
    • Very low shrinkage
    • Thixotropic Controlled Flow™ Technology: Incredible flow characteristics
    • Unsurpassed dimensional stability for improved accuracy and tear strength
    • Outstanding elastic recovery - keeps its shape after removal from patients’ mouth
    • Won't distort or expand in disinfecting solutions

    Package contains:

    • Zendo SELECT SIL LIGHT BODY, LILAC, FAST SET 2 cartridges of 50 ml, 6 mixing tips + 6 mixing canula
    Part number: 951110101