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    HANSAmed Webinar Gift Package (1 Aminogam Mouthwash + 1 Aminogam Spray)

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    The WEBINAR gift package is our token of appreciation for the participants taking out their valuable time for attending HANSAmed TableTalks Webinar.


    The Gift Package is worth $50 and contains 1 Aminogam Mouthwash and 1 Aminogam Spray.


    The Aminogam products contain sodium salt of hyaluronic acid 1.2% and selected amino acids 2% leading to collagen formation. This novel combination is scientifically proven to accelerate wound healing, promote angiogenesis and stimulates fibroblasts.


    Package contains:

    • Aminogam Mouthwash 200 mL 1 bottle
    • Aminogam Spray 15 mL 1 bottle
    Part number: 740611020