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    Brand: Lighthouse

    LIGHTHOUSE™ Medical Emergency Kit (Incl Adult & Jr EpiPen), 1 Assy/Case

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    The LIGHTHOUSE Medical Emergency Kit is designed to meet the basic medical emergency needs of a dental practice. The medications and devices included in a LIGHTHOUSE Kit are quick, safe and easy to administer.
    Part number: 513111100
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    Philips HeartStart OnSite w/Ready Pack Config, Stand Carrying Cs, 1 U/Pk

    Be Prepared For A Medical Emergency In Your Dental Office With The HeartStart OnSite AED With Ready-Pack Configuration.

    Philips HeartStart Adult SMART Pads cartridge (1 pair), 1 U/Pk

    The Philips HeartStart OnSite AED Adult SMART Pads Cartridge contains two adhesive pads that are peeled and placed on the patient’s bare skin. The pads are smart because they can sense that they have been removed from the cartridge, applied to the patient and are ready to be used.

    LIGHTHOUSE™ Annual Replenishment Subscription, 1 Subscrip/Service

    The LIGHTHOUSE Annual Subscription provides you with quality medication monitoring, expiry tracking without the hassle of individual invoicing and a training video for emergency preparedness in a dental office. PLUS, you get the added bonus of FREE SHIPPING with your annual subscription!

    Philips HeartStart Infant/Child SMART Pads cartridge (1 pair), 1 U/Pk

    These Infant/Child SMART Pads signal the AED device to reduce the shock from 150 joules to 50 joules, making it safer for use on infants & children. The cartridge is for use with anyone age 8 or younger and weighing 55 pounds or less.