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    LIGHTHOUSE™ Set of 8 Coloured Guedel Airways in a case

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    Guedel Airways also referred to as oropharyngeal devices are used on unconscious patients to maintain an open airway, allow suction of fluids and depress the victims tongue to prevent airway blockage. These devices are generally made of hard plastic, and have a semicircular design that conforms to the curvature of the palate. When properly inserted, an oropharyngeal airway will hold the tongue away from the posterior pharynx so air can pass through and around the device during an emergency situation.

    The LIGHTHOUSE™ Medical Emergency Kit is designed to meet the basic medical emergency needs of a dental practice treating patients ranging from pediatric to geriatric. The goal of the LIGHTHOUSE™ Medical Emergency Kit is to equip dental clinics with the required medications to be complaint by today's standard. As an owner of a LIGHTHOUSE™ Medical Emergency Kit, you are automatically enrolled in a program called "Automatic Replenishment". The program is a service exclusively offered by HANSAmed to track, monitor and replenish each individual medication in your LIGHTHOUSE™ Medical Emergency Kit prior to expiration. This service guarantees your medications will remain current and up to date. The medications and devices included in a LIGHTHOUSE™ Kit are quick, safe and easy to administer.

    Lighthouse provides dental clinics with vital medications, convenience, peace of mind and training to assist all dental staff in becoming equipped to handle a medical emergency in the office. With licensing and approval from Health Canada, we are able to provide clinics with quality medications to help you save a life.


    • Color coded for quick recognition of size
    • Smooth bevelled tip for easy non-traumatic insertion
    • Tough bite lock with soft tube
    • Each oropharyngeal airway has three parts: the flange, the body, and the tip. When properly inserted, the flange is the piece that protrudes from the mouth and rests against the lips, preventing the device from sinking into the pharynx.

    Handling instructions:

    • Before inserting an oral airway, make sure to use the correct size.
    • Place it on the patient’s cheek with the flange parallel to the front teeth, the tip of the Guedel airway should reach no further than the angle of the jaw.
    • Use the device itself as a measure.
    • If the airway is too long, it could obstruct breathing by displacing the tongue against the oropharynx. If it is too short, it will not be able to hold the tongue away from the pharynx.
    • Before insertion, suction the patient’s mouth and pharynx to remove secretions.
    • Place the patient in a supine position, and tilt the head back, unless this is contraindicated.
    • With gloved hands, remove dentures (if they are present), and prepare to insert the device.


    • All masks / tubing are disposable
    • Oxygen tank is flammable and requires inspection after use / every 2 years
    • Keep the oxygen at least 3 meters from any heat source
    • Keep tank in upright position in a well-ventilated area
    • Turn oxygen supply valve off when not in use
    • Keep backup tanks on hand

    Package contains:

    • A set of 8 LIGHTHOUSE™ Coloured Guedel Airways in a case
    Part number: 521202100