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    Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, infection control has become a worldwide obsession. As we have learned, there are many requirements we as dental professionals must meet in order to safely treat our patients. While these requirements are fairly standard across the healthcare world, there are still choices to be made when it comes to selecting the best products to use in our office. 

    • Efficacy of  biocidal agents and disinfectants against the monkeypox virus and other orthopoxviruses

      J Hosp Infec 2022, G Kampf

    As we make our way out of winter and finally emerge from what has been a season of frequent illnesses for many, the last thing we want to hear is the news of another virus spreading around the world. However, as of April 12th, the number of global cases of monkeypox virus has surged to 86 956 and with transmission being skin-to-skin or through respiratory secretions, dental offices have a particular need to pay attention to these statistics. With the extensive infection control parameters put in place during the Covid-19 pandemic, it is fair to say the majority of dental offices are prepared to put their best foot forward when it comes to preventing the spread of disease. However, the question remains which of the available disinfectants are the best to use to ensure the cleanliness of your offices? The following article will evaluate the current published data discussing the antiviral efficacy of biocidal agents and disinfectants against the monkeypox virus and other orthopoxviruses.

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