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    OMNIA® Basic Implant Set , 1 Assy/Kit

    OMNIA® Basic Implant Set, provides your surgical team with the disposable devices they need for surgical dental procedures. Learn about our Custom Surgical Kits here.

    OMNIA® Irrigation Set, 20 Pieces/Bx

    Compatible with: NSK Surgic XT, Surgic XT Plus, Osseocision, Vario Surg, Kyocera Implantor Neo, Aseptico Aeu 6000 series, Aseptico Aeu 7000 series, Bonart Piezo surgical system Omnia mechanical irrigation kits include a hose set with perforator, flux control roller and integrated peristaltic pump. The universal blue tip attachment allows you to connect the hose to any sized handpiece for an easier, faster procedure.

    OMNIA® Periodontal Set, 1 Instr/Pouch

    Essential instruments used during periodontal conservative and resective ÔÇôregenerative surgery. Designed with the help of renowned DDS Dr. Daniele Cardaropoli, can be used both for remodelling bone tissue and decontaminating periodontal pockets and for polishing root surfaces.

    OMNIA® Post-Extractive Set, 1 Instr/Pouch

    The post-extractive kit developed with Dr. Daniele Cardaropoli, has been designed to perform the extraction of dental elements in an atraumatic manner in order to keep intact the soft tissues, especially of the interdental papilla and of the cortical bone.

    OMNIA® Dr. Cardaropoli Course Accessories Kit, 4 Instr/Pouch

    The set is composed of 4 instruments: used to make the initial sindesmotomy.

    OMNIA® Carda #1 heavy periotome, 1 Instr/Pouch

    This instrument is used to dislocate the root in the most atraumatic way possible.