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    LIGHTHOUSE™ Basic Emergency Kit (No EpiPen, incl 2 seats online cours), 1 Kit

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    • You can save a life with the right medications and right clinical judgement at the right time.
    • The LIGHTHOUSE™ Emergency Kit is conveniently designed; each medication has a dedicated slot. Time is of the essence in most cases.
    • LIGHTHOUSE ™ Emergency Kits are designed to assist clinics in overcoming the most common medical emergencies that could occur in your dental office


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    Basic Emergency Kit is the newest addition to our LIGHTHOUSE line. The Basic Emergency Kit holds all required medications plus two empty slots for EpiPens®. The Basic Kit is designed and created for clinics that already have EpiPens® but are looking for more emergency medications. Includes 2 seats to the online training modules (2CE credits per seat). As an owner of a LIGHTHOUSE™ Basic Emergency Kit, you are automatically enrolled in a program called "Automatic Replenishment". AUTO-Replenishment service helps you to have the required and up to date drugs readily available. HANSAmed tracks, monitors and replenishes each individual medication in your LIGHTHOUSE™ Emergency Kit prior to expiration. This service guarantees your medications will remain current and up to date. With a LIGHTHOUSE™ Emergency Kit, you are always prepared to save a life!


    Features & Benefits:

    • Compliant with Provincial regulations
    • Auto Replenishment and Medication Monitoring Service
    • Longer Shelf Life
    • Simplicity and confidence


    Key points:

    • Open your LIGHTHOUSE™ kit and familiarize yourself with its contents
    • Determine if you need additional medications such as naloxone, flumazenil, or extra EpiPen® auto-injectors
    • Book a date for your staff to review and complete the online training


    LIGHTHOUSE™ Medical Emergency Kit contains: (According to each Provincial governing body, all dental clinics are required to follow medical emergency guidelines)

    • 2x LIGHTHOUSE™ Online Training course (2CE credits per seat)
    • 2x Atropine 0.6 mg/mL
    • 2x Epinephrine 1 mg/mL
    • 2x Diphenhydramine 50 mg/mL
    • 1x Salbutamol Inhaler 100 ug
    • 1x Aspirin® 81 mg, Quick Chews
    • 1x Insta-Glucose® 31 mg
    • 2x Ammonia Inhalants
    • 1x Nitroglycerin Pump Spray 0.4 mg
    • 2x Antiseptic Swabs
    • 1x CPR pocket mask
    • 2x BD Eclipse safety syringes
    • 1x Red case
    • 1x Foam lining


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