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    LIGHTHOUSE™ Conversion Kit, 1 Assy/Case

    The LIGHTHOUSETM Conversion Emergency Medical Kit is designed to meet the basic medical emergency needs of a dental practice that may already have some existing medications on hand. The goal of the Conversion Emergency Medical Kit is to convert your clinic to be part of the LIGHTHOUSETM team. As an owner of a Conversion Emergency Medical Kit, HANSAmed Limited will take over the responsibility of tracking, monitoring and replenishing all of your expiring medications within the kit keeping your new kit current, compliant and up-to-date. The medications and devices included in a LIGHTHOUSETM Kit are quick, safe and easy to administer. be prepared to save a life.

    LIGHTHOUSETM provides dental clinics with vital medications, convenience, peace of mind and training to assist all dental staff in becoming equipped to handle a medical emergency in the office. With licensing and approval from Health Canada, we are able to provide clinics with quality medications to help you save a life.

    LIGHTHOUSETM medical emergency kits meet today’s highest standard of care of medical emergency needs in a dental clinic.

    Features & Benefits:

    • Automatic replenishment & medication monitoring service
    • Online office training
    • Extended shelf-life of medications
    • Simplicity & confidence

    Key points:

    • Open your LIGHTHOUSETMkit and familiarize yourself with its contents
    • Determine if you need additional medications such as naloxone, flumazenil, or extra EpiPen® auto-injectors
    • Book a date for your staff to review and complete the online training

    LIGHTHOUSETMConversion Emergency Medical Kit:

    • 1x Red case
    • 1x Foam lining
    • 1x Adult EpiPen
    • 1x CPR Pocket mask
    • 2x BD Eclipse safety syringes
    • 4x Ammonia inhalants
    • 4x Alcohol prep pads
    • One full year access to online training webinar
    Part Number: 513111500