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    CEO's Message

    To Our Valued Customers, Business Partners and Stakeholders and the Community we serve:

    Our core purpose and mission at HANSAmed is to serve our community & better the lives of dental patients’ lives. It has been now over 5 months since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak in Canada and the realization that a new New has emerged is slowly settling in. Our thoughts continue to be with the millions of people worldwide who are being impacted by this unprecedented challenge and especially with the countries that are still fighting the uphill battle of curbing the communal spread. At HANSAmed, we are accountable to our customers and partners, colleagues and communities and wanted to share with you an update on our continued support to our business partners and stake holders as well as changes and transformations that we are starting to implement and execute.

    1. Business continuity and sustainability: Throughout the pandemic we have been able to continue to provide products and services to all our customers while ensuring the safety and productivity of our employees. Our continued efforts have been to keep our people safe and our team intact. With that in mind, we have for the remainder of 2020 transitioned all of our employees, with the exception of the physical distribution of products, to working remotely and eliminated all non-essential and cross-border travel. This change has been seamless to our customers. We are committed to supporting you. Helping you to re-open your practice and servicing your patients while navigating to the 'new' provincial and federal health and safety protocols has been a challenge. We fully recognize this and in order to support your efforts we have suspended all face-to-face interactions with our clients inside their practice for the remainder of 2020. Our focus has been to develop alternative communication and interaction tools to cater to your individual needs  – be it phone calls, emails, webinar or video chats.
    2. Supply Chain: The second component of business continuity is maintaining our supply chain. We fully understand that especially in the early stages of the gradual re-opening of dental practices the keyword was PPE. At Hansamed we made the conscious and early decision to leave this product category to be serviced by your trusted consumable partners while we focused on ensuring that our diverse global partner footprint, adequate inventory and strong logistic capabilities remained robust.
    3. Digital Transformation: The rapid switch of our available resources and focus on enhancing our e-commerce and e-learning presence has gone very well and will continue at a quick pace. Improving our online shopping experience, offering additional interactive learning tool and developing innovative tools to interact will be at the core of this effort.

    The new New will see more and continuous changes in our world, our community and our industry. It is our commitment to support you as we continue to work through this rapidly evolving situation. We have a continuously growing and unrivaled specialty product portfolio, an outstanding team, and a robust and forward-looking operational infrastructure that has enabled us to adapt to this new environment early and quickly.

    If there is anything we can do to help, please let us know. In the meantime, please be safe and know you are in the thoughts of our entire team at HANSAmed.

    HANSAmed Limited
    Maik Rehfeldt