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    Brand: Monoject

    MONOJECT® Metal Hub 30G Short (1.00), 100 Needle/Bx

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    These dental needles are sterile, disposable, ultra sharp, tri-beveled needles with universal threading. They are packaged in an easy-open, low profile dispensing box.

    Key features:

    • Sterile and disposable
    • Rigid autoclavable polypropylene hard pack
    • Tamper-evident heat stake
    • Ultra sharp, tri-beveled, anti-coring lancet point
    • Anti-coring butt end point design
    • Manufactured by Covidien

    Available sizes:

    • METAL HUB NEEDLES (100/bx) 25g SHORT
    • METAL HUB NEEDLES (100/bx) 25g LONG
    • METAL HUB NEEDLES (100/bx) 27g SHORT
    • METAL HUB NEEDLES (100/bx) 27g LONG
    • METAL HUB NEEDLES (100/bx) 30g X-SHORT
    • METAL HUB NEEDLES (100/bx) 30g SHORT

    Package contains:

    • A box of 100 MONOJECT® Metal Hub 30G Short (1.00)
    Part number: 231201072