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    Brand: Omnia

    OMNIA® Irrigation Set 1/2Y, 10 Set/Bx, Compatible with KaVo Intrasurg tap

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    OMNIA® offers a wide range of mechanical irrigation lines, which are compatible with most physio-dispensers available for sale.

    Irrigation systems include a perforator, a roller or clamp for flow control, the fittings and an integrated peristaltic pump section.

    The convenient end cap makes it easier to connect the irrigation line to the handpiece and allows our infusion tubing with drip adjuster to be connected with all needles for cooling the various handpieces, which are often of different diameters.

    Product features:

    • Perforator with air filter
    • Roller to adjust the flow
    • Pump section in medical grade silicone
    • Total length of the line, from peristaltic pump to handpiece, 230 cm
    • End tip in soft PVC
    • Internal and external irrigation with Y joint
    • Tap for the connection of a second irrigation line to a second contrangle or for the connection of Omnirrigato

    Handling and instructions:

    • HOSE: The hose of the irrigation line is produced in constant section, realized to be used in medical field with characteristics of elasticity, high flexibility and transparency, so that the eventual passage of air bobbles in the water can be clearly observed.
    • ROLLER: The roller, a flow regulator by means of a roller, is mounted after the perforator and is used to regulate or stop the flow of the solution. The flow regulation is assured by the roller itself.
    • FINAL TIP: The tip is inserted in the final part of the physio-dispenser, and it comes with a practical cap which helps the connection of the irrigation line on the hand piece, allowing to connect Omnia irrigation lines with all the cooling needles used to cool the hand pieces, often having different diameters.
    • PERISTALTIC PUMP HOSE SECTION: The peristaltic pump hose section is in soft silicon and allows an accurate flow and long duration of usage.
    • PERFORATOR: The first part of the irrigation line is constituted by the perforator.
    • TAP: The tap is used to regulate the flow, and allows to have an optimal control on the flow of the liquid.


    • This set is compatible with KaVo Intrasurg tap

    Package contains:

    • A set of 10 OMNIA® Irrigation Set 1/2Y, 10 Set/Bx, Compatible with KaVo Intrasurg tap, per box
    Part number: 421230161