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    We are very fortunate in the dental industry to have a variety of procedures to choose from that can be performed to improve a patients’ smile both functionally and esthetically. The field of restorative dentistry is an important one and since restorative work occupies the majority of the offices' schedule, dental professionals should take the utmost care in selecting the best materials for their patients as well as keeping up to date with the latest studies surrounding these materials.

    • Polymerization Shrinkage Assessment of Dental Resin Composites: A Literature Review 

      Odontology 2016, Dalia Kaisarly et al 

    The composite resin material is one of the most applied materials in restorative dentistry and there are a variety of different brands and types of composites on the market for the dental professional to choose from. While we may lean towards a specific type of composite resin, it is important to keep in mind the characteristics of these composites to ensure a successful result. One negative outcome of composite resin is the potential for shrinkage and the resulting microleakage and secondary caries. The following article provides detail into currently available techniques used for assessing polymerization shrinkage behaviour in composite resins and how boundary conditions affect the shrinkage vectors.

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    • Evolution of Aesthetic Dentistry

              J Dent Res 2019, M B Blatz et al

    Dentistry is developing rapidly and so are the needs and preferences of the patient. There have been many advancements to our technologies, products and techniques over the years that have allowed us to provide care in a more efficient and satisfying manner. While the future is uncertain, it is likely that we can expect further advancements that will push the boundaries of what dentistry is capable of. The following article provides an overview of the evolution of aesthetic dentistry over the past 100 years and highlights the advances in research that have contributed to the art and science of aesthetic dentistry.

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