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    Brand: Septodont

    Septodont Xylonor® 15% Lidocaine Analgesic Solution in a Metered Aerosol, 1 Spray/Pk

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    XYLONOR is an association of : - a powerful anesthetic, Lidocaine, which does not contain a paramino group - a bactericide of the quaternary ammonium group, Cetrimide, in a non-irritant, water soluble excipient. Its rapid and deep anesthetic effect is complemented by a powerful disinfectant action and an agreeable taste devoid of bitterness, which does not elicit either burning or prickling sensations.

    This product is particularly useful for patients presenting allergic reactions to derivatives of paraminobenzoic acid, as it lessens the risk of producing reactions of this type.


    • Production of topical anesthesia and disinfection of the mucous membrane in the buccal cavity
    • before the performance of a local or nerve block injection
    • prior to the extraction of mobile, deciduous or permanent teeth
    • prior to the adjustment and fitting of crowns and bridges or the adjustment of bands in orthodontic treatments
    • prior to the lancing of sub-mucosal abscesses
    • prior to scaling

    Key Features:

    • Easy dosage of active ingredient thanks to the metered spray
    • Precise and safe application with the included nozzle
    • Fast acting, gives anesthesia within 2-5 mns and lasts 10-20 mns


    • Metered aerosol dose containing 36 g of solution

    Package contains:

    • 1 spray per pack
    Part number: 221200484
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    Arestin® (minocycline HCl) Microspheres, 1mg, 12 Carp/Bx

    Arestin® (minocycline HCl) Microspheres, 1 mg is a concentrated, locally applied antibiotic to aid in patients with chronic periodontal disease. The innovative microsphere technology that comes with Arestin® allows the antibiotic to remain active in an infected periodontal pocket for an extended period of time. Once Arestin® is inserted into the pocket, its microspheres immediately adhere to the surrounding surfaces, providing a sustained release of minocycline at the site of active infection.

    Arestin® is proven to target the red complex bacteria associated with periodontal disease and will help fight infection better than professional dental hygiene alone.

    In patients with pockets of 5mm or more, bleeding on probing and localized inflammation that cannot be controlled with SRP alone, Arestin® is the solution. Arestin® is the most conservative approach to periodontal disease treatment prior to surgery.

    Key Features:

    • No premixing or premeasuring required
    • No local anesthesia required
    • No refrigeration necessary
    • No adhesive necessary
    • No dressing necessary
    • No removal, Arestin® microspheres are completely bioresorbable
    • Dentist or dental hygienist can place Arestin®

    Clinical benefits:

    • Data suggests no significant increase of minocycline-resistant bacteria
    • Convenience of an in-office treatment with no pills to take

    Important Safety information:

    • Patients are not to take Arestin® if allergic to minocycline or tetracyclines.
    • The use of tetracycline class drugs, including Arestin®, during tooth development may cause permanent discoloration of the teeth, and therefore should not be used in children or in pregnant or nursing women.
    • Arestin® has not been studied in patients with weakened immune systems (such as patients with HIV infections or diabetes, or those receiving chemotherapy or radiation).
    • In clinical studies, the most frequently reported non-dental side effects were headache, infection, flu symptoms, and pain.

    Package contains:

    • 12 cartridges of 1mg Minocycline

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