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    Shifting Paradigms in Oral Soft Tissue Regeneration

    Learn about the increased momentum of using soft tissue grafting procedures at dental implant sites in the last 5 years with Dr. Daniel Thoma.

    Soft tissue grafting procedures at dental implant sites gained momentum in the last 5 years. This is due to a more profound understanding that an optimization of soft tissue quality and quantity does not only enhance esthetics but is also critical for the maintenance of peri-implant health. Whereas autogenous grafts are still considered to be the gold standard, more recent scientific evidence hints into the direction of soft tissue substitutes. Soft tissue substitutes are not replacing autogenous grafts, but rather serve as an alternative with a major benefit of decreasing patient morbidity.


    Key objectives:

    • To understand the clinical relevance of a sufficient mucosal thickness and width of keratinized tissue.
    • To know the efficacy of autogenous tissue in oral soft tissue regeneration.
    • To critically assess the benefits and indications of soft tissue substitutes in implant dentistry.


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