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    Brand: SteriPac

    SteriPac B – Patient Friendly SteriPac Split window patient drape, 1 Assy/Kit

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    SteriPac B – Patient Friendly SteriPac Split window patient drape

    This SteriPac will have your clinic prepared in a simple and convenient manner. From gowns to drapes, from start to finish, HANSAmed’s SteriPac will help you maintain a safe, clean and sterile environment.

    The HANSAmed SteriPac contains all the essential items necessary for implant surgery. One of the main components of this quality SteriPac is the patient-friendly and comfortable split-window U-Shaped patient drape which allows for a snug fit around the patients’ head. The adhesive film creates a barrier that is perfect for walling off the surgical area and acts as a barrier to fluids and microorganisms, this SteriPac will meet your demands. 

    Your Set includes:

    • (N. 2) Surgically folded SMMS model gown size L
    • (N. 2) Hand towel (13.4"x14.58")(34 x 37 cm)
    • (N. 2) Round cap with elastic band
    • (N. 2) Three-layer face mask with round anallergic, elasticized ear loops
    • (N. 1) Drape 19.7''x29.55'' plain drape to wrap first 4 items
    • (N. 1) Round cap with elastic band
    • (N. 1) OR Towel cotton Blue
    • (N. 1) Mayo table cover 31.52''x47.28''
    • (N. 3) Fluid repellent drape 19.7''x29.55'' with adhesive side
    • (N. 1) Transparent bag 26.4''-29.55'' with sliding strings for physiodispenser or controlling unit
    • (N. 4) Adhesive film sheet 6.7''x10.24''
    • (N. 4) Sheath (65.01"x2.36")(165x6 cm) SaniSleeve®
    • (N. 2) Dental swab with wooden stick 5.91" long
    • (N. 1) High volume evacuator vented
    • (N. 1) 4.93"-12,5 cm long Split Air saliva ejector with welded cap trasparent
    • (N. 25) Folded gauzes 1.97''x1.97'' 8-ply
    • (N. 1) Hand towel (13.4"x14.58")(34 x 37 cm)
    • (N. 8) Sponges (4"x4")(cm 10 x 10) with 4 layers NWF White
    • (N. 1) Waste bag for contaminated material with adhesive strip
    • (N. 1) Round absorbent headrest cover 28 cm with elastic band
    • (N. 2) Medical Adhesive tape 3.94''x1.97'' for sheaths and drapes fixing
    Part number: 444213162