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    Brand: W&H

    W&H 101000 Osstell IDx kit

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    Measure stability at the time of implant placement and again before the final restoration to monitor the osseointegration determining when it is safe to proceed with the restorative process using Resonance Frequency Analysis. The Osstell IDx automatically backs up your data on a regular basis and can be connected to OsstellConnect on the Internet.


    Features and Benefits

    • Assess implant stability and the degree of osseointegration as it is patient specific – avoid loading too early or unnecessarily long waiting times
    • Achieve more predictable implant outcomes
    • Easily interpret results through intuitive color coding based on the numbered ISQ scale
    • Easily collect and manage relevant patient, implant and treatment data
    • Enables efficient communication with patients & collaboration with colleagues
    • Extract data, share files and analyze implant and treatment data through Osstell Connect


    Product Application

    The Osstell IDx along with specific SmartPegs inserted into an implant tell the user when it is safe to proceed with the restoration or when to wait longer for optimal osseointegrati on.


    Part number: 431282730