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    Brand: W&H

    W&H Implantmed Classic SI-915 with WI-75 E/KM handpeice

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    Implantmed Classic SI-915 - Base unit W&H Implantmed Classic SI-915- containing the wired S-N2 foot pedal, EM-19 motor, WI-75 E/KM handpiece and accessories. (only sold as a bundle with WI-75 E/KM)


    Features and Benefits

    • Intuitive, easy to use and read display
    • 5 main adjustable programs
    • Short, lightweight electric 5.5 Ncm motor
    • Wide speed range: 300 – 40,000 rpm on the motor, 1.8m (6 ft.) cable length
    • Precise torque control, 5 – 70 Ncm on the rotary instrument
    • Automatic thread cutter function
    • Motor with cable are thermo washer disinfectable and sterilizable
    • Multifunctional wired foot control.
    • 1 year manufacturers parts and defects warranty.


    Product Application

    Surgical drill unit to perform any drilling and cutting procedures in the field of oral-surgery, maxillo-facial surgery and dental implant- surgery


    Part number: 431200270