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    Brand: W&H

    W&H, Surgical Hpcs S-15 straight, extra long 1:1

    Straight extra long 1:1 surgical handpiece for complex and difficult to reach jaw procedures.


    Features & Benefits

    This straight extra long, 1:1, safety lever chuck handpiece holds 45mm long and 2.35mm diameter HP burs (or similar Stryker burs) with a maximum drive speed of 30,000rpm. As an "S" series handpiece, it is fully dismantleable with no tools required, for ease of cleaning prior to each sterilization. Works on any W&H or competitor unit.


    Product Indications

    Apical Resection, Osteotomy, extraction of wisdom teeth, Fenestration, sequestrecto my, Apical Trepanning, Bone Modelling, etc., but for difficult to access areas.

    Part Number: 431260000