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    Brand: W&H

    W&H, Surgical Hpcs WS-92 contra-angle 1:2.7

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    Contra-angle 1:2.7 surgical handpiece for complex procedures and impacted wisdom teeth removal.


    Features & Benefits

    This 1:2.7 speed increasing contra-angle, push button chuck handpiece holds 1.6mm diameter Friction Grip (FG) surgical length burs and has a maximum drive speed of 50,000rpm (max bur speed of 135,000). It has a triple spray to keep the tissue surface and rotating instrument cool during each procedure. As an "S" series handpiece, it is fully dismantleable with no tools required, for ease of cleaning prior to each sterilization. Works on any W&H or competitor unit.


    Product Indications

    Hemisection and extraction of wisdom teeth. Crown and Bridge adjustments and removal during surgical treatment.

    Part number: 431241000