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    Brand: Zendo

    Zendo MTA UNIVERSAL (50/100/250) 2X DIRECT CAP (PER 50 PACK)

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    Zendo MTA is an endodontic repair cement delivered in easy to use capsules.

    The MTA powder consists of very fine hydrophilic particles of several mineral oxides. After contact with MTA liquid it forms a gel that hardens to an impermeable barrier.

    Zendo MTA is delivered in convenient capsules. The capsules are easily activated and the content of the capsule is easily extruded using the Zendo Capsule Dispenser.

    Package contains

    2 direct capsule of 0.3g each in a single pack

    Working and Setting Times:

    Working time 02:00
    Material ready for next clinical step 05:00
    Setting time 17:00
    Radiopacity 450
    Part number: 911145002
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    Zendo BEVELED CYLINDER 10 sterile diamond burs 130-012C

    Zendo Select pre sterilized FG Diamond Burs have a highly specialized coating process more than doubles the strength of the diamond bonding to the surface resulting in superior performance and enabling sharp, long lasting, smooth cutting ability.

    Package contains

    10 sterile diamond burs
    Beveled cylinder shaped tip
    Head length 8 mm
    12 mm Head size - Coarse Grit

    Key Features

    Hardened Stainless Steel Shank Zendo SELECT's bur shanks are Swiss-made and are made from heat-treated stainless steel, maintaining the strictest tolerances on shank diameter and making them vibration free.

    Accurate Preparations in Less Time: The exceptional diamond coating process more than doubles the strength of the diamond bonding to the shank for superior performance enabling Zendo’s SELECT Diamond burs to cut smoothly and rapidly, leaving a sharply demarcated preparation.

    Sterilized in Single Sleeves: Zendo’s SELECT Sterile FG Diamond Burs are packed in a Class 10 Clean Room then Gamma Radiated. The gamma symbol on each package ensures 5 years sterilization validity. Each SELECT diamond bur is separately packaged in its own sleeve, clearly marked with the catalogue number which identifies the burs unique characteristics size and grit.