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    Brand: Zendo

    Zendo SELECT 10 Carbide Burs Tapered Cone Safe End Tip 152-016

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    Zendo’s SELECT Carbide Burs are packed in a Class 10 Clean Room then Gamma Radiated. The gamma symbol on each package ensures 5 years sterilization validity.

    Each SELECT Carbide Bur is separately packaged in its own sleeve, clearly marked with the catalogue number which identifies the burs unique characteristics, size and grit.


    Key Features

    Hardened Stainless Steel Shank Zendo SELECT's bur shanks are Swiss-made and are made from heat-treated stainless steel, maintaining the strictest tolerances on shank diameter and making them vibration free.

    Package contains:

    10 pre sterilized carbide Burs 
    16mm Head Diameter 

    Part number: 931152016