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    Brand: ANESTAject


    $27.95(Starting From)

    ANESTAject are HANSAmed’s exclusive brand of plastic hub needles: A pre-threaded, plastic hub needle that fits to your syringe as easily and securely as metal hub needles.

    Part Number: ANESTAJECT

    Features & Benefits

    • Pre-threaded hub: Secure fit and easier placement onto syringe fits on as easily as metal hub needles
    • Siliconized canula: The needle will slide through the tissues more easily
    • Bevel indicator: Allows for correct placement of the needle in the tissues to determine the direction of the needle caused by deflection
    • Triple-edge bevel: Penetrates tissue more easily

    ANESTAject plastic hub needles are available in boxes of 100, in the following configurations:

    • 25G Long (35mm)
    • 27G Long  (35mm)
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