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    In order to have a successful outcome in a medical emergency situation, prompt recognition and preparedness are key. Be aware of what emergencies are most likely to happen in your practice, how to treat them, how to manage the situation and be mindful that emergencies can happen one after the other.

    • Emergency protocol in the dental clinic: Assessing medical emergency training requirements and guidelines for dentists

      J Am Dent Assoc 2023, L Pius et al

    A medical emergency can occur at any time, regardless of a person’s age or health and when an emergency strikes it waits for no one. Each province has a set of rules and guidelines to ensure our dental offices are prepared to offer medical care in a fast and safe way to ensure the highest likelihood of success. Not only do we need to have the appropriate medications on hand, but proper training is vital for everyone from the front desk staff to the back staff to ensure no lapse in care will occur and that the knowledge of what to do is engrained and instinctual so when a stressful situation transpires, the correct action is taken. The following article will examine different guidelines from different organizations pertaining to emergency management and may serve as a good comparison to what is suggested by our local authorities. 

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