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    W&H, Surgical Hpcs WS-75 contra-angle 20:1

    Contra-angle 20:1 surgical handpiece for drilling osteotomies, tapping dense bone and inserting implants.


    Features & Benefits

    This 20:1 contra-angle, push button chuck handpiece holds 2.35mm diameter latch type burs and has a maximum drive speed of 50,000rpm (max bur speed of 2,500rpm). This handpiece has the option for both external irrigation on the left or right side as well as internal irrigation. As an "S" series handpiece, it is fully dismantleable with no tools required, for ease of cleaning prior to each sterilization. Works on any W&H or competitor unit.


    Product Indications

    Implant insertion, Tapping Dense Bone and Segmental Osteotomy.

    Contra-angle 20:1