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    Philips HeartStart Adult SMART Pads cartridge (1 pair), 1 U/Pk

    Philips HeartStart adult SMART pads cartridge is the replacement or spare pads for the Philips defibrillators. These pads have a built-in pull handle. Just snap this new electrode pad cartridge into the Philips defibrillators.

    Philips HeartStart Battery, long-life (4year or 200 shocks), 1 U/Pk

    This battery is a disposable, lithium manganese dioxide, long-life battery that will typically last for four years with the defibrillator in standby mode.

    Philips HeartStart FR Cartouche d'electrodes de formation 1 paire Adulte, 1 U/Pk

    Ensure your dental office staff is adequately trained in using the Philips HeartStart OnSite AED with the Philips SMART Pads Training Cartridge.

    Philips HeartStart FR Electrodes de formation de rechange 1 paire sans cart Adulte, 1 U/Pk

    Replacement Adult Training Electrode Pads for the Philips HeartStart OnSite model is meant for replacing electrode pad gels and cable assembly to replace the worn out sticky portions of your OnSite AED training electrode cartridge.

    Philips HeartStart Infant/Child SMART Pads cartridge (1 pair), 1 U/Pk

    These Infant/Child SMART Pads signal the AED device to reduce the shock from 150 joules to 50 joules, making it safer for use on infants & children.