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    OCEAN PACIFIC® Opex Vinyl, PF, size S, 100 Gloves/Bx

    Specifically designed for medical applications including laboratory Medicine and Dental Surgery the OPEX® Dual polymer synthetic glove provides the ultimate in comfort and safety.

    If you need a synthetic glove that can grip, OPEX® is your #1 choice. OPEX®’s microscopically roughened exterior surface combines excellent tactile sensitivity with superior grip. Great for phlebotomy, handling wet laboratory glass wear and many other delicate applications.

    Particulate and ion-free OPEX® is ideal for clean manufacturing applications. 100% automated production eliminates bioburden found in hand-packed products. Safe for all food handling applications and an effective chemical barrier to all but solvents, OPEX® can meet multi-task requirements in your Health Care or Production facility.