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    W&H, Surgical Hpcs WI-75 E/KM contra-angle 20:1, mono block

    Contra-angle 20:1 surgical handpiece for drilling osteotomies, tapping dense bone and inserting implants.


    Features & Benefits

    This one piece 20:1 contra- angle, push button chuck handpiece holds 2.35mm diameter latch type burs and has a maximum drive speed of 50,000rpm (max bur speed of 2,500rpm). This E/KM handpiece has left side external irrigation (E) as well as an Internal Irrigation option (KM) and is non-dismantleable.
    Works on any W&H or competitor unit.


    Product Indications

    Implant insertion, Tapping Dense Bone and Segmental Osteotomy.

    Surgical Hpcs WI-75 E/KM